World Series Of Poker: Full House Pro


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Next Round On Me! (5 points): Buy a round of drinks for the table after winning a Showdown during a Multiplayer game.
      Multitasker (5 points): Customize your avatar while sitting at a table.
      Slow Playa (5 points): Timidly check at least twice before winning a Showdown.
      Bathroom Break (5 points): Preset every action, and sit out at least once.
      Rockets in My Pocket (5 points): Aggressively bet your pocket aces on any round and win the Showdown.
      Trend Setter (5 points): Host a Multiplayer game with a customized table, chair, and card style.
      Salt the Wound (5 points): Buy the Tip Jar Souvenir for another player after busting them out in a Multiplayer Ring Game.
      Wired Pair (5 points): Collect your bonus chips five times in a row without missing a consecutive bonus.
      Hollywood It (5 points): Watch every tutorial video.
      Going Blind (5 points): As the Big Blind, go all-in before the flop in a Multiplayer game.
      Mano a Mano (10 points): Win a Heads-Up Tournament.
      On Tour (10 points): Play at all three table locations in Caesars Palace, Harrah's New Orleans, and the Amazon Room.
      Seven Deuce Abuse (10 points): Win a Showdown with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards.
      Diamond in the Bluff (10 points): Get all remaining opponents to fold on the river with three or more diamonds on the board.
      Down the Toilet (10 points): Lose a Showdown with a flush.
      Raise Your Game (10 points): Win a ranked Tournament.
      Aaron Has Left the Building (10 points): Defeat the first Pro in a Single Player Pro Takedown Tournament
      Chair Glue (15 points): Win 10 full-table Multiplayer Standard Tournaments.
      Poker Sharp (15 points): Win a Tournament while wearing customized headwear and top.
      Trick Rolled! (15 points): Perform a different chip trick on every betting round in a hand and then win the Showdown.
      Poker Master (15 points): Earn level 50.
      High Steaks (20 points): Buy yourself a T-Bone Steak at a million-chip (or higher) buy-in table.
      River Fishing (20 points): Get two or more players to fold on the river, and then reveal a High Card hand.
      Up and Coming (20 points): Win the All-Pro Tournament.
      Deuces Cracked (20 points): Bust two or more players in the same hand.
      Nice Quads (20 points): Quadruple your buy-in during a single Multiplayer Ring Game.
      Naval Battle (25 points): Win a Showdown in which more than one player reveals a full house.
      A Cool Million (25 points): Leave the table with a profit of at least 1 million chips in a single Multiplayer session.
      Stacked (30 points): Earn enough chips in a single game to reach the third tier of the pyramid chip stack formation.
      Poker Pro (40 points): Earn level 100.

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